24/7 Aanbidding as 'n Leefstyl Skool

Welkom by die Nuwe Lewe Aanbiddingsentrum se webwerf. Aanbidding is nie net vir Sondae wanneer ons kerk toe gaan nie, NEE, dit is ‘n 24/7 leefstyl en as kind van God is dit nou die aangewese tyd om in ‘n dieper verhouding met jou Skepper te staan.

Nuwe Lewe Aanbiddingsentrum - Aanbidding

24/7 Aanbidding as 'n Leefstyl

Wat ‘n opgewonde tyd is dit vir ons as kinders van God om te weet dat Hy besig is om Sy Kerk in gereedheid te bring vir die uitstorting van die Heilige Gees en vir die realisering van uitstaande beloftes. Hy is besig om ‘n Kerk van uitnemendheid op te rig wat meer glorieryk gaan wees as selfs die Handelinge Kerk. God het elke mens geskep met ‘n doel en dit is om Hom in gees en in waarheid te aanbid.

Ons lees in Joh 4:23 “Maar daar kom ‘n uur, en dit is nou, wanneer die ware aanbidders die Vader in gees en waarheid sal aanbid; want die Vader soek ook mense wat Hom só aanbid. Joh 4:24 God is Gees; en die wat Hom aanbid, moet in gees en waarheid aanbid”. 

Aanbidding is nie net vir Sondae wanneer ons kerk toe gaan nie, NEE, dit is ‘n 24/7 leefstyl en as kind van God is dit nou die aangewese tyd om in ‘n dieper verhouding met jou Skepper te staan. Ons lees in Mat. 28:19 dat dit die Kerk se opdrag is om nuwe bekeerlinge sekere sake rakende ons verhouding met God te leer. Een van die areas wat die Kerk nagelaat het is die vlak van aanbidding. Die Kerk weet nie hoe om God in gees en in waarheid te aanbid nie.


Hierdie kursus het ten doel om die kind van God te leer hoe om in gees en in waarheid te aanbid. 

Ons lesings is gegrond op die profetiese woord wat die Here vir Tom Inglis in 1984 gegee het. (Sien die Profetiese woord aan die onderkant). Hy is ook die stigter van Psalmody International School of Worship. Die skole is al reg oor die wêreld geplant.

Dit studies bestaan uit 2 vlakke en elke vlak bestaan uit 13 lesings.

Level 1

  • Introduction to Worship
  • Lifestyle
  • Thanksgiving
  • Introduction to Praise
  • Lifestyle of Praise 1
  • Lifestyle of Praise 2
  • Introduction to Worship
  • Abraham’s Journey to Worship
  • Introduction to Warfare
  • Healing & Worship
  • The Holy Spirit & Worship
  • Glory & Worship
  • Giving & Worship
  • Restoration of the Tabernacle of David

Level 2

  • Worship Overview (past, present and future)
  • Created to Worship
  • Breakthrough Worshipers 1
  • Breakthrough Worshipers 2
  • Breakthrough Worshipers 3
  • Covenant Worship
  • Kingdom Worship
  • Worship in the New Testament
  • Prayer and Worship
  • Remembrance and Worship
  • Confession and Worship
  • Celebrate Your Freedom
  • Delivering Power of Thanksgiving


Elke kind van God – aanbidding spanne – musikante – d.w.s. almal is welkom. Die leuse van Psalmody International is “EVERY BELIEVER A WORSHIPER”.

Kom sluit by ons aan om ‘n groter openbaring van aanbidding te kry, want aanbidding is die sleutel tot God se hart.


TOM INGLIS – May 1984​

The Church

“A time is coming when the Church will not rest, day or night. Congregations will come together in shifts to worship God, simply because they want to. Their theme will be “Holy, Holy, Holy”. All activities in the Body will give way to worship, and worship will be the central theme for all activities. Countless thousands will be swept into the churches day and night as congregations continually flow into the sanctuary to worship the Most High God. They will be swept in like falling leaves upon a swift flowing river. Sundays will no longer be known as the day of worship but another day of worship.”

The Congregations

“Congregations will not be satisfied by hearing an occasional sermon on worship or reading books on the subject. They will place demands on leadership to teach them how to enter into praise and worship and live the word of praise and worship. Churches that refuse to praise in spirit and truth will empty overnight, and those that do worship will be filled to overflowing to the extent that congregants will stand outside on the church grounds and in the parking lots praising the Lord.”

The Pastors

“Pastors will have to organize their church services to accommodate praise and worship as the Holy Spirit leads the way. As praise and worship goes forth, the Word of the Lord shall be clearer to the listeners than it has ever been before. Pastors and teachers will be amazed at the growth and maturity of the worshipers, and God will receive all the glory for it.”

The Children’s Ministers and Pastors

“Get ready for a new wave of worship from children whose understanding of the things of God will overtake many who are unprepared. Godly children will separate themselves to praise and worship their Heavenly Father. They will follow those who not only teach worship but practice it as well. These children will go forth as a worshiping army that will astound even their teachers. Don’t ever discourage their worship or stop the flow. Encourage them as they stand before God and worship Him.”

The Musicians

“Musicians will stand in line, totally submitted to pastors and music directors waiting for the opportunity to serve in the house of the Lord. Chief musicians will train them, and God will give those involved in music ministry the capacity to receive the equipping and anointing He intends for them. They will stand apart from sinful worldly music and their lives will speak clearly of separation unto God.”

The Schools of Praise and Worship

“Schools will be established specifically to set a standard for worship in the congregations. Psalmody schools will start all over the world to trains the Body of Christ, psalmists and worship leaders. These schools will flourish like flowers in the desert after the rain, where no man has planted an no man has watered but only God has prospered.”

“The students from these schools will soon become the teachers and the original teachers will move on. There will be a continual movement throughout the world of holy men and women with an overwhelming desire and objective to exemplify praise and worship. The Most High God will identify their job description as worshipers, and they will have no need of anything the world can offer. They will be known by their love and loved by their knowing.”

“These men and women will have a supernatural ability to work and travel, to uproot, adapt and resettle, to move quickly and be highly efficient. They will bring glory and honor to the Most High God wherever they go and will never be glorified themselves.”

“The servant’s attitude of these men and women will touch even the ungodly, and they will become known as worshiping servants who are loved and highly respected. All this will be such a word of the Holy Spirit that no one will take any credit. Even the five-fold ministry will melt into the congregation as we all stand before God in adoration and awe.”